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Kia N. (lost 31 pounds)

"Growing up, I was always photogenic and loved having my photo taken, but when I gained weight, that all stopped. I didn’t feel like myself and being photographed wasn’t fun anymore. I was on the verge of diabetes and taking a lot of medications. Thank goodness I found Dr. Dunston! Since I’ve gone through her weight loss program, I’ve lost 31 lbs. and I feel photogenic again! As a matter of fact, I won Best Dressed in a contest! I must say, my body looked flawless."

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Leading by example, Dr. Kyrin Dunston lost a life-changing 100 lbs. and is proud to lead others to the same success. Recognizing that mainstream medicine doesn't have the answer, she shares the six secrets to weight loss success.


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My passion is empowering women to create bodies, health and lives that they ROCK! I provide the knowledge, tools and support that folks crave to help them move toward their midlife health and wholeness. Let's get YOUR diva uncovered!



Making a change to your health future takes work. Like any craft, it takes practice, refocus and readjustments as necessary. I want you to nurture yourself and I have many ways for you to do that - some for FREE and others for a nominal cost. Take a look...



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